It's What's Inside That Counts ;)


We developed Counter Magick with sustainability in mind. Plastic cleaning bottles are a huge contributor to the worldwide waste problem - over 5 billion bottles per year. We did not want to contribute to that number! Instead, the full line is housed in screen-printed glass bottles, which look beautiful (worthy of a spot on the counter, not under the sink), and also allow for reuse and recycling. Win-win!

We also made the decision to replace essential oils with safe-synthetic fragrance oils. Did you know it takes 250 lbs of lavender to make 1 lb of lavender essential oil? Many essential oils are also extremely flammable, are not safe for pets, plants and children, and leave a residue that makes vessels unable to be recycled. We aren’t about that life!


Not only have we created each product with a unique crystal essence, we’ve included flower/plant essences as well to imbue the power of nature into every bottle in a more sustainable way. Each product has a clear, powerful intention on its own, but we’ve also crafted spells for each to help turn your cleaning routines into rituals.


Last, but certainly not least, we want to bring you into the process of these everyday cleaning rituals. Counter Magick’s cleaning products come in the form of concentrates, meaning you will concoct the potions and have the power to imbue any intention you have for your home into them. Of course, our team takes care to create each bottle with love, balance, and your hearth in mind, but we know they will be even more special with your magic touch.


Counter Magick was created by friends, co-collaborators and witches Erica Feldmann and Janine Mulone.

Erica is the HWIC at Hauswitch, author of HausMagick and the creative genius behind Counter Magick.

Janine is the founder of Feel Good Retail, host of Retail For The Rest Of Us and the marketing queen behind Counter Magick.

Illustration by Siobhan Duncan