Beechwood Brushes


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Beechwood Brushes are an environmentally friendly, plastic-free zero-waste staple for your daily cleaning routine.

+ Beechwood Bottle Brush: perfect for cleaning water bottles, vases, mugs, and other vessels with small openings. 
Made of: 
Beechwood handle, steel wire center, and coconut husk fiber bristles.  

+ Beechwood Dish Brush: perfect for cleaning dishes and items of all kinds.
Made of: Beechwood handle, steel wire center, and sisal fiber bristles from agave plant.  

+ Beechwood Pot-Scrubber Brush: ergonomic knob shaped handle is perfect for cleaning pots, plates, household items, and just about anything!
Made of:  Bamboo handle, sisal fibers from agave plant.

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